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And Night Shall Be No More No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

And Night Shall Be No More No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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“And in this holy city neither sun nor moon nor stars will shine. ‘And night shall be no more; they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they shall reign to the ages of ages’ (Rev. 22:5). … Imagine a world, Christ-bearers, where instead of the sun the Most High God Himself shines, warms, gives life, and constantly rejuvenates! This is your world, toward which you are journeying. This is your homeland, toward which you are returning: an imperishable homeland, where you will also be imperishable. This is the fatherland of the sons of the heavenly Father, of all those who have been adopted as sons of God through the Lord Jesus. And you shall be numbered among them, if you are victorious.”

St Nikolai Velimirovic, The Faith of the Chosen People

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Our posters are made in the USA with environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and are printed on 176 gsm (65 lb) white cardstock. 

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