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Embrace Meekness No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

Embrace Meekness No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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Meekness is an unchangeable state of mind which remains the same in honor and dishonor. Meekness is the rock overlooking the sea of irritability which breaks all the waves that dash against it, remaining itself unmoved. Meekness is the buttress of patience, the mother of love and the foundation of wisdom, for it is said, The Lord will teach the meek His way (Ps 24.9). It prepares the forgiveness of sins; it is boldness in prayer, an abode of the Holy Spirit. But to whom shall I look, says the Lord, to him who is meek and quiet and trembles at my word (Is 66.2). In meek hearts the Lord finds rest, but a turbulent soul is the seat of the devil.

- The Ladder of Divine Ascent, Step 24

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Our posters are made in the USA with environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and are printed on 176 gsm (65 lb) white cardstock. 

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