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I Am Alive Forevermore No. 2 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

I Am Alive Forevermore No. 2 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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To have the keys to something signified among the Jews to receive authority over something. Thus, "the keys of hell [or hades] and of death" signify authority over the death of the body and the soul.

- Archbishop Averky


Christ has authority over hell and death in that He Himself tasted of death in the body and descended to hell in His soul after death (1 Peter 3:19), but in His resurrection gained victory over both. The Divine services of the Orthodox Church are full of this teaching; for example, "O Lord our Savior, Who has taken hell captive and trampled on death..." (Octoechos, Tone 5, Sunday Vespers, "Lord I have cried"). 

+ Blessed Seraphim (Rose) of Platina

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Our posters are made in the USA with environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and are printed on 176 gsm (65 lb) white cardstock. 

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