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Let All Adverse Powers Be Crushed No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

Let All Adverse Powers Be Crushed No. 1 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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Priest: Wherefore, O King who lovest mankind, come Thou now and sanctify this water by the indwelling of Thy Holy Spirit. (Thrice)

Choir: Amen.

Priest: And grant unto it the grace of redemption, the blessing of Jordan. Make it the fountain of incorruption, the gift of sanctification, the remission of sins, the remedy of infirmities, the final destruction of demons, unassailable by hostile powers, filled with Angelic might; that those who would ensnare Thy creature will flee far from it. For we have called upon Thy Name, O Lord, and it is wonderful and glorious, and terrible unto adversaries.

The Priest then makes the sign of the cross thrice upon the water, dipping the fingers of his right hand therein; and breathing upon it thrice, he says:

Priest: Let all adverse powers be crushed beneath the sign of the image of Thy Cross. (Thrice)

- Orthodox Baptismal Service

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