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Peace Through Liturgy No. 2 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

Peace Through Liturgy No. 2 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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How can there be peace, when people are not reconciled with God? Only when man is reconciled with God can inward and outward peace come. But for us to be reconciled with God, we must first attain awareness, we must repent, we must live in accordance with God`s commandments, and then the Grace and peace of God will enter into us, enabling us to also help create peace around us.

+ St Paisios of Mount Athos

☦️ must first strive to calm the thoughts. The constant movement of the mind prevents it from entering into the heart, which is the only place where it may find true peace and solace.

- Bishop Irenei Steenberg


Love the peace that comes from above at all costs. Make sure you are seeking the peace form above, not the peace from this world, which is unstable and not very safe.

- Elder Sergei of Vanves

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