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To the One Who Is Victorious No. 6 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

To the One Who Is Victorious No. 6 | Orthodox Christian Art Poster

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“So, who is the victorious one? The victorious one is the person defeats these three things: the world, his passionate self, and the devil. What a great invitation sent to us by the Lord! He who wins against these three great temptations is invited to sit with Christ on the eternal throne of his glory and blessedness during the absolute and final triumph of Christ and the final triumph of the faithful as well.”

Archimandrite Athanasios MitilinaiosCommentaries on Revelation Vol. 1: The Seven Golden Lampstands


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Our posters are environmentally-friendly and made from 176gsm white paper. 

.: Material: 176gsm white uncoated poster paper
.: Available in 3 different sizes
.: Manufactured and shipper from USA
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available
.: Sustainable paper from FSC® and SFI® certified facilities

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